Sunday, September 6, 2009



Most of the photos I take will be uploaded to my Flickr account. Uploading is slow over here and it seems to go faster on Flickr than on Blogger. I may include one or a few with each post (depending on timing) but I am taking many, and if you're interested in seeing Moloka'i in photos, they'll be available at:
(it looks like you'll have to cut and paste)

You can also access it by clicking on the link, "Debby's Flickr Photostream," on the right-hand side of the blog itself.

Uploading, organizing and labeling the photos is time consuming (but also something I'm enjoying immensely!) So, you might find they've been uploaded but don't yet have a real title or description. It'll happen... on Hawaiian time! I'm also just really figuring Flickr out so I'm fooling with how to organize, etc., that will make it as easy as possible to access the pictures. It does look like the link I provided above will take you directly to the collection with all of the Moloka'i photos.

Comments on individual pics always welcome! And remember... it's a work in progress!

With aloha, from Moloka'i

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