Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Off to Tahoe

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 28th birthday. For the second year in a row, now that she's relocated to the Seattle area, we weren't able to celebrate together. One of the many hard things...

This will be my post for the day, as I'm off to Tahoe to stay with a friend for a couple of days. I look forward to getting away, winding up and over the beautiful Sierras, maybe stopping to take some pictures along the way, then sitting at the beach, staring out at the amazing blue water and the majestic mountains that surround it.

So many good memories there...

I know that internet connection is spotty where I will be staying. Still, I am committed to a post a day even while I'm gone. There's a sweet coffee shop just down the road from my friend's condo. The plan is to head over there in there in the mornings (while she's still sleeping - very different bio-rhythms!) and post while enjoying a latte.

Until then...

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