Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today I Am...

This is how I'm feeling after the first full week of the Unraveling course. The photos, and what I've written, are not part of the course. They're my way of expressing what the experience has been like so far.

Today I am...

thinking I should be careful what I ask for
in pain

Today I am...

feeling young
on the outside looking in

Today I am...

for the first time

Today I am...

to reach out a hand
be met

I'm wondering... what are you today? I'd love to hear...


  1. I love your concept for these images Debby. Really! Makes me think about things, it's thought provoking.

    Today I'm not feeling anything meaningful. Does that make sense? It's a long day and I'll be working tonight to welcome people into our lab and help show them around. I'm feeling inviting and proud for that. And then I will be tired and satisfied :)

  2. Hey LMJ, it makes total sense. I know that place well... Thanks for your kind words. I will admit that I hunger for them... :) I am missing Raining Umbrellas, how about you?

  3. first, I'm really liking the new header/look here. your unfolding self is expressing beautifully. the last image makes me float.
    I'm satisfied and content today. As I wrote the word satisfied I realized how much I like that word. life is good today. and this has been a lift. thanks Debby. seek the light and be well.

  4. Dear Debby, After having surgery yesterday, what I am at this moment is 'pain.' :) Aside from that, what I am is inspired. Surrounded by all of these women, like yourself, filled with love, compassion, determination, I am blessed. There are as many stories as there are story tellers and each brings with it reminder that I am not alone, that my voice matters and an invitation to join in and share my story.

    I've seen so many blogs and yours, among others, bring with it a warm and inviting space for you to share a part of yourself with your readers. (I strive for the same in my blog but as of this moment, it is what it is. ;) Thank you for your willingness to be open and honest, both here and on Unravelling. Thank you for being. Blessings to you, Lydia

  5. Ms.Becky, I always enjoy your words so much. Thanks for sharing how you are today. And thanks for all your lovely feedback, and that you noticed the new banner! A pic I took on the road, the beautiful Oregon Coast, a couple of weeks ago.

    Lydia, I've been thinking about you and your surgery. I'm glad it's over, I hope the pain eases and you heal quickly. Thank YOU also for all your words and honesty and rawness both here and at Unraveling. Take really great care of yourself! So happy you are a part of my Unraveling experience.

  6. Today I am learning that if I take the time to stop and really notice my surroundings, I can begin to find my place in this world. I really resisted the reflection exercise but today I told myself that I paid good money for this course, so I owed it to myself to do the assignment :)

    While I am not (yet) as brave as you to write a public post about this unraveling experience, I have learned that I can journal each flickr picture - and that is helping me to discover myself.

    I am following your blog with great anticipation :) You are indeed an inspiration.

  7. these images are so so beautiful paired with your tender words, hon xox

  8. So very gorgeous, from the heart-shared truth to the amazing images. Thank you for sharing.


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