Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Real

Do you have secret desires? Are there things you would do or ways that you would be if there were no obstacles? 

A few posts ago I wrote about the revelation I'd had with the help of a group of friends that I needed to stop "waiting" and start living the life I dream of living. (Hell, start living period some days....) Now, thanks to another friend (a wonderful new friend... hi, MeMe :), I'm being more specific about what that might entail. It's one thing to say I'm going to start living, it's another thing to say, okay, these are the specifics.  And yet another thing entirely to start taking steps to open the door to these things manifesting.

What is it, if anything, that stands in the way of your greatest longings? 

I tend to keep my secret desires secret. And vague. And locked away in some vault inside because what if I speak them and they never happen. What if I try and I fail? How embarrassing and humiliating would that be! But what good are they isolated in the dark, without the light they need to grow, where they can't be fed and watered and nurtured into being; helped along by the loving energy of friends and family and life itself?

What if our dreams are beacons, lights whose purpose it is to show us the way to the life we came here to live?

So today, I'm going to speak one of my top secret desires. There are three that rise like cream to the top when my friend says pointedly, what's next, Debby? There seems to be a conspiracy of late, one arrow after the other pointing me in a certain direction, too many to ignore, including my own thoughts that in spite of depression and fear and the other things that seem so real that stand in my way, if I wait until the conditions are "perfect," I may in fact be waiting forever. 

What if, on some level that we are rarely if ever aware of, anything might be possible? Anything... 

This is not a bucket list. That's a whole other post altogether. These are my secret (or not so secret) personal, heart-and-soul-felt, she-lived-the-life-she-came-here-to-live-epitaph things. These are the things that, if I live a long life, on my deathbed, I will seriously regret that I never gave a go. They are my personal edge right now...  and just the act of making them public is a step off the big cliff, a climb out onto the fragile fruit-bearing limb, a swan dive deep into the ocean of possibility.

What if we actually have the power to visualize into being that which seems not just improbable, but impossible...

So today the dream I am owning and honoring is my desire to write about my journey. Going as far back as I can remember, every "hopes and dreams" list I have made up includes writing a book. Whether it is or ever becomes a book or not is immaterial; the important thing is to begin the writing. I recently did a week-long creativity ecourse, and our assignment for the week was to create a book cover. Other than that parameter, it was wide open what we did with it. Oh My Goodness... could there have been a more perfect prompt for me right now? What came out of me was the front and back cover of my own book. Shocking to see it in reality. And inspiring. And scary. And weirdly, in creating the cover, an opening happened wherein I could actually begin to visualize the writing of it... feel its texture and format, see its chapters, discover its energy and potentials, know it as the creation that Yes! can actually be birthed and brought into being.

What if this "book" could actually come into being...........

Coming soon, numbers two and three (and btw, they are all top of the list, not in order of preference).

Do you have a secret desire that longs for the light of day? Are you willing to climb out on the limb with me and share it?


  1. *nodding my head with deep understanding and admiration of you*

    Debby, there is such energy here, surrounding every authentic dream you shared. May you continue to summon daily the energy and inspiration you need to move forward in actualizing your goals.

  2. you're setting the intentions, taking the baby steps, and getting ready to pass GO! this is good. sending you light on the wings of my heart.

  3. yay :) you're giving more little steps into making it come true! so happy for you dear Debby :) your writing is so fluent and positive, can't wait to read more about your journey. I had a secret desire that I made come true this weekend: my Etsy shop! and already contacted the photo lab to start by printing my RU gift exchange and already ordered 50 enveloppes. as yours, it's a dream with wings to fly :) xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful and encouraging comments. They - and you - mean so much to me. Tail wagging :)

    Ana, yay! I'm so excited for you, and I want the link to your shop! :)) Thanks so much for sharing your secret dream.

  5. What a beautiful post Debby. I am so glad that you share this dream with the virtual world. May it give you the courage to continue the realization of your dream! I am behind you. And I know for sure this book will be encouraging, inspiring and supportive to other people.

  6. Well known fact: listing goals increases the probability of their occurrence dramatically.

    To enhance this effect even further, set dates for their completion (re-set if necessary).

    No one masters creation. It's presence (so I've heard) is contingent upon something that looks like bravery (as modeled by you): standing on nothing, speaking a vision to a committed listener(s), holding ones self accountable.

    Its work, not wishing. Thank you for sharing that energy.


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