Sunday, September 28, 2014

366 HOPE

 I am so loving the Honoring Our Precious Earth (366 HOPE) project that I began a week ago. I thought I was doing a really selfless thing, committing to spending some time each day in prayer and meditation for our earth. And instead of photos, which can get too caught up with ego for me, one of my daughters suggested I do art and so each morning, I spend half an hour writing my Earth prayer for the day and doing art in combination with it. I am SO not an artist in that way, and so this seemed challenging and also perfect. No too much problem with ego when you pretty much suck at something and have zero expectations. Not going to be showing it to anyone or posting it here! And so in that way, it became a more private project that I had at first envisioned, and I really like that.

What I didn't expect was what a total boon this would be; how amazing that half an hour ends up being, how lost and mindless I get in the writing, and then the colors and shapes and doodles that present themselves on the page. How deep I go inside myself; like a kid again with crayons and a piece of paper, creating only for the sake of creating, no agenda, nothing that has to look a certain way, be defended or acceptable, or god love us, get a grade. What a relaxing, inspiring, fun, meditative joy it has been.

I'm also noticing my relationship with nature changing. I'm drawn more and more to be outside, and feeling more and more comfortable when I am; less afraid, more nurtured. This morning I went to one of our wilderness parks, found the creek that runs through it and a rock to sit on and stayed for a good chunk of the morning. I've always been afraid to be out in nature alone... it's a woman thing, a conspicuous thing, a mountain lion/rattlesnake thing... and yet there I was.

It seems like it's also a dolphin thing... planting seeds, watering them... watching in awe as they sprout and grow, knowing there is no way I could have choreographed this. And once again, I'm just so blown away.

* * * * * 

And p.s., these photos were taken with my new Lensbaby lens... I don't even really know what I'm doing with it yet, and already I'm so in love. The Lensbaby motto is "See in a New Way"... how perfect is that?! It's all about blur and choosing exactly what is in focus and amazing bokeh and infinite new creative potential. :))

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