Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Gift From Our Mother

A fogbow (also known as a white rainbow), which I didn't even know existed until two days ago... Trinidad Bay, Northern California.

This was after the bald eagle took off and flew directly over the car (in Marin County no less...) and after the drive through the ancient Redwood groves, the tallest trees on Earth. It was before the herd of elk, including a wobbling kneed baby, and an amazingly regal rutting male, prior to Agate Beach where beautifully sea-polished semi-precious stones are there for the asking.

She is so stunning, our precious Mother Earth, so full of magic, messages and gifts; startling beauty, power, fierceness, gentleness, graciousness.

Tonight I will go to sleep to the sound of surf just outside the room.

How lucky we are to be living in this beautiful world...

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