Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nature for My Soul

This morning I'm grateful for nature... and for the energy to get up and out as the new day dawned. For the morning moon resting between the redwoods and the bare winter trees (see it?!), the remnants of fall leaves, the beauty of  sunlit clouds, for the joyful sound of birds, and the impulse to look up and see the trees full of red-breasted robins. (And for Ted Andrew's book, Animal Speak, which tells me that robin medicine is all about new growth... yay!)

Today I am grateful for and humbled by two weeks almost completely free of sugar, and one week completely free; a huge prayer answered; for sobriety, clarity, new insights, and renewed motivation. I am (almost) grateful for the hard life learnings; for deeper seeing of how entrenched certain patterns are: for deeper knowing what will truly be required in the arena of profound self love: for the rising up (again) of all that longs to be seen, held, witnessed, loved.

Today I am profoundly grateful for Marlies Cocheret, spiritual teacher, who speaks so beautifully about women, our bodies, about our essential and true natures, about hearts, and true love, unnameable, that comes before words, that there is no words for, that is before everything and of everything, who brought me to tears and deep much needed relaxation this morning.

And for my eldest daughter, who said, mom, write down your truest desires... go do it, right now...

And even though it felt totally scary and overwhelming, here's what's come so far... 

Our deepest desires and longings are sacred... As women, we are not just taught, but indoctrinated into always putting others' wants and needs before our own. Listing these desires felt both scary, taboo, and also exciting. Spiritual teachers tell us that what we long for also longs for us... I love this.

So, here it is. And what about you? What do you desire? I would love to know.                                                            

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